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123 bus service busEast Sussex Council attacks bus passes

East Sussex County Council has resolved to lobby central government to be relieved of its obligation to fund bus passes for older and disabled people.




North Street Development latest

Another consultation on North Street, but are the developers actually planning to do anything, or are they just going through the motions?




How Lewes District Council’s council tax benefit scheme makes people poorer

The full details revealed.





Is East Sussex County Council going bust?

The papers and the BBC have carried reports that the council is due to go bust like Northamptonshire.  Are the stories true?  This article explores the facts.




Buying your carpet at Carpetright. Why you should not

How Carpetright has a low headline price, but bumps up what you pay.





Why Lewes Council is falling apart, the inside story on the Joint Transformation Programme





Behind the scenes at the North Street Development.  Who is really going to be controlling the development and the design and the amount of social housing?

Development up for grabs as artisans pull out.




Strange things are happening (or rather not happening) in  the North Street  Area of Lewes after the fuss around the granting of planning permission for an ambitious redevelopment of the site.




Rejected track and fencing at Lewes old racecourseThe South Downs National Park planning committee has turned down a load of planning applications at Lewes Racecourse including plans for loads of fencing and a cinder road, much of it already in place