It’s hard to get hard news in Lewes district, and if you want to find out the real story behind the North Street development, the plans to turn the A27  into a motorway and what the council is up to you would struggle to find a new source- until now.

Lewes Eye has a non-sectarian pro-environmental and social equality perpective.

The facebook page may include some juicy scandal, but the magazine will feature detailed, fact checked, articles about what’s going on, on your doorstep that you are unlikely to find elsewhere.  This means that there won’t be a new article every day or even every week, but only when there is something to say that no one else is saying.

And this is where you come in:


Trying to get a story out there, but struggling?- send it to the Lewes Eye. Right now I’m particularly interested in d anything from the coastal towns (since I’m based in Lewes), but anything about any council that you are involved in, or anything else that you think needs exposure would be welcome. Your story normally has to be checkable, or, on occasions I may put it out under your name if you agree. Send your story to


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