While record temperatures remind us all of the issues of global warming, Lewes Town Council can be relied upon to make the right noises but not, it seems, to do the right things

Former councilor Tony Rowell reports that the Mayor of Lewes Town, Cllr John Lamb, said in his acceptance speech on 16 May 2019 that ‘we have got to set an example in the way we go about managing our estate: use less plastic, move away from fossil fuels, reduce our carbon footprint,….’. All very sensible and important commitments. This commitment was also reflected in a motion passed by Lewes Town council in 2017 that stated;

“In future any travel by LTC staff or councillors to Lewes’s  twin  towns  will  take  into  account  the  most  carbon  efficient  method, which is unlikely to be flying”.

Mr Rowell reports that none of this has stopped the Mayor deciding, after his speech to fly to Waldshut for his first twinning engagement.  Apparently “circumstances dictate” that he must fly.

Perhaps he is strapped for time, but that would be just the sort of circumstances that the council elects a deputy Mayor for, to step in when the Mayor is unable to be present.

The past two Mayors. Janet Baah and Graham Mayhew have also apparantly ignored the 2017 motion, despite the Mayor  before them, Susan Murray, travelling quite happily on the train to Waldshut.  She got the train up to St Pancras, Eurostar to Paris, high speed to Basle and then a local train to Waldshut

It is a little thing, but perhaps symbolic of the attitude of quite a few people in Lewes town, who are happy to make the right noises about saving the planet until they become inconvenienced.

Perhaps the town council could consider twinning with one of the towns in Bangladesh which is threatened with disappearing under water.  Visits could be avoided, but awareness of climate change could well increase.

Date of article 26/7/19

The term “fiddles” is used in the sense of “fiddling about”.  No financial impropriety is suggested.