The alliance administration of Lewes District Council has rightly trumpeted the environmental credentials of its new housing scheme in Newhaven. The scheme will consist of one and two bedroomed flats

But it has been less forthcoming with information about the rents.  These, it now turns out will be at near market levels.

The rents will be set at 80% of the market rent for the property. The Eye calculates the market rents like this.

Now Newhaven market rents are a bit lower than other areas in the District, but even so, a look at Rightmove  reveals that one bedroom flats go for around £160 per week and two bedroomed flats go at £250 per week.

That translates to a rent of around £130 per week for a one bedroomed flat and £200 for a two bedroomed place.

The council leader has not contradicted these figures so they are the best we have.

Average wages in Newhaven are apparently £28,649 a year, or £551 per week before tax and national insurance.

Bear in mind that the people applying for one and two bedroomed council flats are likely to be earning well below the average wage and you can see that the proposed rents represent a fair chunk out of anyone’s income.

Lewes Town, it seems, can have a “Lewes Living Rent” which is far below 80% of the market rent, but those wanting to live in Newhaven will have to pay more.