The Lewes Home shown here was advertised as a holiday let in 2016Lewes house

With housing costs running out of control in Lewes, Peacehaven, Newhaven and Seaford nearly 2,000 households are desperately seeking a secure council or housing association home in Lewes district (1)

Information revealed by Lewes district council shows that over half of these households could be housed tomorrow if second homes, holiday  homes and homes that were empty for no good reason  were made available to people on the housing waiting list.

Council figures in 2016 show that there are 331 second homes in the district, 657 homes are empty without a good reason (2) and at least 21 are let as holiday homes.

Many young people are being forced out of the area because they cannot find anywhere to live.

We live in a society where the more fortunate can afford to leave homes empty or just  use them for holidays, whilst others see the  hope of a secure home of their own fading into impossibility.  No wonder so many people feel angry and alienated.

(1) al web site “East Sussex in figures” says that there were 1955 households in the housing waiting list in the district in 2014

(2) We have excluded properties empty because the owner has died,  or is in hospital or a nursing home of which are empty for a similarly good reason