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East Sussex Council is going on the attack against bus passes for older and disabled people

The July cabinet meeting agreed this recommendation (at paragraph 8.2):

“We will lobby,both on our own and with others,for the urgent funding the Council needs in the next financial year to make our services sustainable in the long term and for the removal of those Government requirements that would not be our highest priorities if we were able to target our resources at areas of greatest need. For example, the £8m we are obliged to spend on concessionary fares for older people would provide care packages to allow 700 of the most vulnerable people in this group to continue live independently.”

The quality of thinking in the council is demonstrated by its inability to consider the role of concessionary fares in helping vulnerable people to live independently or their role sustaining bus services which, in turn sustain life in rural communities for those without cars.

Dated 28/11/18