The collapse in services, or even basic phone contact since Lewes Council merged its administration with Eastbourne is probably the key district council election issue people need to think about when voting.

The Eye has examined the statements of the various parties and the independents standing in Lewes and has contacted them to clarify if things didn’t seem clear

Here is what they think:

CONSERVATIVES- support the merger

GREENS- oppose the merger

LABOUR- oppose the merger

LIBERAL DEMOCRATS- support the merger


Ruth O’ Keeffe, Stephen Catlin both oppose the merger

Susan Murray  thinks it may be too late to be stopped, but wants councilor review before it goes any further.

Graham Mayhew no reply

(They Eye was not able to survey independents in other areas)

See what staff at the council think here

The Lewes Eye will run more articles on the merger after the election,  including an article on the ways Lewes council will discipline members of the public who complain about its services.