THE LEWES NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN;  The SDNPA is soon to send our plan for independent examination, which it needs to pass in order to be effective.

If you want to submit comments to be forwarded to the Examiner you have until 23.59 on Monday 23 July 2018 to do so.

This is the chance to tell the Examiner what you think of the policies in the Plan and how necessary they are for Lewes.

The plan contains policies on Housing, including Low Cost Housing,  Heritage, the Environment, Sustainability, Transport and Local Green Spaces. In particular those of us who have worked on the Lewes Low Cost Housing policy ask for your support for this policy. This is now breaking new ground by relating affordability to local income and not, as the  government redefined it in 2010, by market value, because that does not work in places like Lewes where the market is distorted by London prices and incomes. This is becoming better understood but it will help the Examiner to see that this policy should stay in the Plan if those of us who know how necessary it is to the community of this town say so. The Plan, will take its place along with the South Downs Local Plan in determining planning applications in Lewes and the SDNPA, partly in response to the demands of Neighbourhood Plans, are becoming more open to the need for local variety in policies.

Councillor Chelsea Renton helped us secure the Lewes Low Cost Housing Policy ( PL1 3)  with these revisions to the pre-submission draft version;


‘All strategic and infill sites should meet the SDNPA requirement for genuinely affordable housing.’ with the significant revision, ‘This shall include maximising the amount of Lewes Low Cost Housing to meet local housing need unless proven to be undeliverable.’


This note is also added. ‘In cases where viability is a genuine barrier to the delivery of Lewes Low Cost Housing, the applicant will be required to demonstrate that this is the case by submitting a robust viability appraisal The viability appraisal must be done by an independent and open book process and be undertaken by a professionally qualified member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)’

You can find the Plan at • and there is a copy to view at the Town Hall

: E-mail comments to :  or write to the SDNPA  at North Street , Midhurst,  GU29 9DH