The ultimate in un-environmental development?

The council is also to have nomination rights to 12 dwellings in the seductively named Hamsey Lakes Development. – grand total of around 25% of the whole housing scheme. But some of these will be shared ownership, not rented.

The rented homes are likely to be at 80% of the market rent.

The developer is asking for people take on shared ownership property where you part buy and part rent, to be allowed to buy all of the property.  This means that in future it is just like any other housing and is lost to those who cannot afford to buy outright.

The developer is also asking to be allowed to increase rents above the Local Housing Allowance– the usual maximum that people can get help with through the benefit system.

Let’s hope that the council doesn’t let them get away with it especially since the Eye has now been told that the council is going to buy the rented and shared ownership homes.

And if you were thinking that the term Hamsey Lakes implies something lovely, you should know that the “lakes” appears to be a view for just seven houses of an old pit that has filled with water and that, although the development is just about in the parish of Hamsey, it is about as far away from the centre as you can get without going into Chailey, on the main Chailey to Lewes road

With only a bus service every two hours, the nearest (convenience) shop about a mile away and the nearest primary school further away than that, residents are going to be lost without a car or two or even three.  You can’t even walk down the busy A275 because there is no pavement or walkable verge.  It is an environmental disaster. It takes a pretty confident cyclist to ride on the busy A275. There are not even any footpaths leading from the estate into the countryside. As far as the Eye can tell there are no playgrounds either, just the lake that parents may be worried their children will fall into.

A developer has put in a planning application for 12 further houses on the site.  These would be more upmarket and would actually go round the “lake”.  The houses would be custom built to the buyer’s requirements. The council has not asked for any of this to be affordable housing but has asked for a contribution so that it can build affordable housing elsewhere.  The developers are resisting this.   

The county council’s highways team has complained about the scheme because it wants 3 car parking spaces per house, while the developer has only suggested two in some places.  So we can see where the county council is coming from. This application is undecided at the time of writing. Let’s hope the alliance council chucks it out