Readers who spare themselves the irritation of keeping up with the saga on the North Street Quarter website might like to know about the exciting event promised on the 29th of October at St John’s sub Castro. 3pm-8pm. Before planning the details of phase 2 and 3 they would like to invite us to give our opinions.

Things have been going on ‘behind the scenes’ so the website tells us, including discussing the provision of a ‘state of the art blue light facility’ (all three emergency services) at the Springman House site.  It is not clear how that will mix with the hotel recently mentioned. Maybe it will be providing accommodation for emergency service workers who cannot now afford local prices.

They will be also be discussing landscaping so we might be able to ask if the plan is, as it has seemed to be at Malling Brooks, to leave nature to take its course. In June it was noted ‘plant life is growing well’  and that ‘wildflower seeds should generate (or germinate, did they actually sow some?) and establish.’  And indeed they have, mostly sow thistle is it?  whose abundant windblown seeds are doubtless also establishing well in the neighbouring gardens. Do people actually plant sow thistle? Whatever, we doubt if the rotting green mesh on the muddy banks of the swale is really what the local residents expected to have to look at.

It couldn’t be that they just need to tick a consultation box now could it?  Maybe members of the North Street Quarter Sounding Board and the Design Working group who, the website tells us, represent Lewesians in this process can tell us more?  It would be good to hear how that district heating system is coming along, remember how keen they were to support sustainable living?  So many questions.  Thus far it seems so few adequate answers