Or do you know someone who is?

It is clear that the government is trying to cut the number of people are are getting these benefits, however disabled they are.

For example:

Personal independence payments are made to people who need help in their daily lives.

It looks as if the government has tried to stop people getting the benefit because more and more people are being refused. Now half of all claims are refused.

And it is not because people are not eligible. When people appeal they win their appeals and are awarded the benefit in 75% of cases. (But it typically takes 40 weeks to get your appeal heard.)(Source an email from the Benefits and Work Website at https://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/ )

The message is- if refused appeal.

It is also important to fill in the complex claim forms correctly and to know what to say when challenging a decision.  The rules are (probably deliberately) fiendishly complicated.

The problem is that there are fewer and fewer places you can go for advice.  Citizens Advice, or any organisation representing people with your particular condition are some possible places to get advice.

But your editor has a very high opinion of the Benefits and Work web site https://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/

They publish regular updates on changes to benefits and benefit policy and have detailed, blow-by-blow accounts of how to fill in the claim form, how to challenge a decision, and points to make in an appeal.  If you can deal with written information this really is an excellent site.

Please share this with anyone who is claiming or has been refused.